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4 min readApr 21, 2021


Sex is an essential part of human life

and without sex, life becomes tasteless. We would have come across young men and women saying ‘I am not very sexual and I don’t like sex’.

Some would even go to an extent saying, “Sex is not everything in life for me. I can lead a life without a partner”. These are words told from the tip of the tongue and it is not true either.

If someone carries such assumptions deep down, they need to realize that they are having a radically different notions about sex. It is because they are fed with the idea that ‘sex is bad’ and it is sin to indulge in sex.

This is the very concept that started and spread by Evangelical institutions across the world which insisted on ‘purity’ and termed those indulged in sex as being ‘impure’.

But sex is very important to every human being. While in a relationship, sex is an essential component to experience deep intimacy and it is something that adds to the compatibility.

More than emotional and intelligence compatibility, it is the sexual compatibility that actually binds couples and helps them stay together in the long run.

According to psychiatrists, sexual compatibility is the number one reason behind scores of divorces filed in courts across the world.

It makes life miserable when you don’t get sufficient sex with your partner, with whom you have a legal binding to have sex whenever and however way you want to.

Human body is a memory bank. The thing that we don’t use, gets lost. When you don’t use your sexual energy, it gets dissipated and you will lose your inner happiness.

The happiness that blossoms from within may not be there when you don’t have sufficient amount of sex. When you don’t have sex, there can be some effect in your psychological self and it affects your confidence.

Sex has a direct connection with your self-esteem and when you don’t have sex there is greater chance for your self esteem to get affected.

Lack of sex not only affects your body, but your mind too. Insecurity creeps in and such men or women find it difficult to interact with opposite sex.

Men and women who are addicted to porn or use of sexual toys may argue that relationship is not important for them and they know how to satiate sexual cravings.

They are completely wrong. The feeling that comes due to skin to skin intimacy is totally different and are no match to sensations received with the use of a sex toy.

The dynamics of flirting, building rapport, building trust and communicating effectively with the opposite sex are rooted in one point that is the desire to have sex. It allow men and women to sell themselves confidently.

Similar to food, drink and sleep, sex too is an important part of life and not having sufficient sex can make someone suffer and the effect will be obvious in their behavior and confidence level.

Such men and women will have less energy and their eyes will not have any power. And their focus will suffer and their efficiency levels too will take a dip.

Masturbation is different and sex is different. The feeling that one gets due to touch is completely different and sex toys are a not match when it comes to psychological advantage one gets due to intimate sex which involves continuous and intimate skin to skin touch.

Having sex with another human being brings the beauty of touch and it would create a different chemistry in the body which is beneficial for the body in many ways.

And the kind of feeling one feels during real sex with human touch is really different.

According to experts men who don’t have regular sex are likely to develop erectile problems and they may not be able to achieve full erection that they used to have during their regular sexual days.

This also applies to women who are deprived of sufficient amount of regular sex.

There is a saying “What you don’t use, you lose.” This is particularly true when it comes to sex. When you don’t use your sex hormones, then it loses gradually.

It shows up in the body and the way individual functions. Though it happens slowly, even dead slowly. But it is noticeable until it is too late.

It is like a fog creeping over the town slowly and slowly the fogs can become so dense and dark that the effects of psychological impact becomes visible.

This has nothing to do with how much one earns, whether he or she has blue eyes, shapely body, beautiful features, social recognition. The effects are similar as it is related to physical and psychological aspects of life.

Whatever may be your social status or financial status, it is important for men and women to enjoy regular and satisfying sex life as it is as important as food and sleep for the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of men and women.

Needless to say Endorphins (called happy hormones) are released during sex, which can alleviate all kinds of pain in the body including migraines, cramps, arthritis, discomforts due to PMS etc.,

Lack of sex comes with a heavy price tag. It reduces testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women which can lead to loss of beauty and health complications in the future.

It is not difficult to find a partner for sex, if one shuns ego and other unwanted emotional baggage.

Men and women who are honest, straight forward and are confident about their personality can always find a right partner to lead a healthy sex life.

Men and women who are deprived of regular sex has to sincere make efforts to quickly find someone to enjoy regular and healthy sex life.

This just involves right thinking and right approach to life. We are all gifted with wonderful life and we are here to make the most of it by having positive approach to life and work.

Enjoy healthy sex life and lead a comfortable life.