What Is A Thing For Which A Person Falls Too Low

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4 min readJun 1, 2021

A human being today always falls down for such a thing, which never ceases to move forward, that is greed, man becomes so blind in greed, that he does not even think of his own good. Today, a person already has all the things he needs to live. Yet he becomes blind in greed.

Greed is such a thing, the more you covet, it will keep on increasing. Greed has no end. Today if we have 1 lakh rupees, then there will be a desire of 10 lakhs. If 10 lakh rupees come, then there will be a desire of one crore rupees, this greed will never stop, it will continue to grow.

A person becomes so blind in greed, that he does not lag behind in harming anyone in a relationship, or friendship. He does not even think that what he is doing blindly in greed is right or wrong. Only one thing is visible, its meaning for which it does anything.

If anyone is the worst thing in the world, then it is greed, if a person is addicted to greed, it never ends, greed is a blind well in which a human being goes on falling, today I will tell you a story. Tell me how low a person can fall in greed

Once a question arose in the court of King Bhoja, which is a well in which a man is not able to get out after falling? No one was able to answer this question. Finally, Raja Bhoj asked Raj Pandit to bring the answer to this question within seven days, otherwise, the reward money which has been given to you so far will be withdrawn and you will have to leave this city and go to another place.

Six days had passed. Raja Pandit did not get a reply. After getting frustrated, he went towards the forest. There he met a shepherd. The shepherd asked — you are a royal priest, you are the king’s darling, then why there is so much sadness on your face?

What will this shepherd guide me? Thinking, the Pandit did not say anything. On this the shepherd again asked the reason for sadness and said — Pandit Ji, we are also satsangis, I may have the answer to your question, so feel free to say. Raj Pandit told the question and said that if the answer to the Kalatak question is not found, then the king will drive him out of the city.

The shepherd said — Make a lot of gold with Paras. Will a banquet be followed by millions of banquets? Just before giving the paras, I have to accept one of the conditions that you will have to become my disciple.

First, arrogance arose inside Raj Pandit to become a disciple of two shepherd shepherds? But agreed to become a disciple for selfishness.

The shepherd said — First drink milk of sheep and then become a disciple. The royal priest said that if a Brahmin drinks sheep’s milk, his intellect will be killed. I will not drink milk. So go, I will not give the paras — said the shepherd.

Raj Pandit said — Okay, I am ready to drink milk, what to do next?

The shepherd said — Now first I will make milk a liar and then you will have to drink.

The Rajpandit said — you limit yourself! Will you give a Brahmin a false drink? * Then go, the shepherd said.

Raj Pandit said — I am ready to drink false milk.

The shepherd said — That thing is gone. Now, the skeleton of the dead man’s skull lying in front, I will give milk to it, I will make it a liar, I will lick the dog and then feed you. Then you will get the paras. Otherwise, get your way.

The Rajpandit thought very carefully and said — it is very difficult but I am ready.

The shepherd said — Got an answer. This is a well of greed, craving in which a man falls and never leaves again. As if you went falling into this well-known well to find Paras.

In the same way, a person always lives in some greed and always does such deeds that he should not even do. Like this pandit could never eat a liar but still got ready to eat. Never could drink goat’s milk, yet agreed to drink milk, all this happened only in the greed to get that paras.

In the same way, we do not know how much of our precious principles are sacrificed. So, let’s spend this life thoughtfully and end our greed by not sacrificing our principles. And move forward in life.

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